Ted Ursus
Not Ted E Bear
Title: Captain
Full name: Theodore Edward Ursus
Also known as Ted
also known as The Bear
also known as Chainmaille Guy
Age: 24
Birth Date: October 31st
Place of Birth: Probably the United States
Nationality: American
Allegiance: The Aeronautic Mercantile Guild
Ship: IS Hephaestus
Occupation: Chainmailler, Director of AMG

Basics Edit

Chinese Zodiac: Ox Element: Fire Blood Type: A+
Accent: Midwest United States Orientation: Vertical Favourite Colour: Gold Personality Song: The Ballad of the Brunin-G

Physical Appearance Edit

Hair Colour: Red Hair Length: Short Eye Colour: Brown Height: 5' 11"
Scars: None publicly known Tattoos: No Piercings: None Build: Husky

Family and Relationships Edit

Family: Known, believed to be landbound merchants in the vicinity of Detroit.

Romantic Relationships: Unknown, however he has been known, when properly lubricated, to speak affectionately of a specific girl only known as his "kitty."

Friends: Ideally, everyone he meets

Job and Weapons Edit

Job: Director of The Aeronautic Mercantile Guild, Captain of the Independant Ship Hephaestus, Director of Ursine Necessities

Gun preference: Not pointed at himself

Other Weapon Preference: N/A

Backstory Edit

Early LifeEdit

As of the moment, the early life of Captain Ursus is unavailable to the public.


Two years hence, a younger Ted went forth and apprenticed himself to chainmaillers from all over the world, learning the weaves of the world. As his repertoire grew, he learned to fend for himself, learning the boons and banes of each metal and weave. It was this skill that inspired him to make port at The First World Steam Expo. Upon meeting the crews of all sorts of airships, he realized it was time to take to the skies so that they might be equipped without the need to make port. It was with this thought that The Aeronautic Mercantile Guild was founded.