The Aeronautic Mercantile Guild
What do you mean "Sky Mall"?
Founded: World Steam Expo 1
Flagship: IS Hephaestus
Allegiance: Independent
Leader: Theodore Edward Ursus
Members: Keira DeFelyne
Mango Mancini
Vespertine Nova Lark (Pending)

The Aeronautic Mercantile Guild provides a united guild for all willing merchants of the Age of Steam. High above the world, they provide the essentials for all they meet, happily providing them with even the most unusual service.

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Inspired by The First World Steam Exposition, Captain Theodore Edward Ursus took to the skies in his own Airship, the Independant Ship Hephaestus. This ship promptly crashed, as he failed to bring a full crew and got distracted by one of his own products. However, upon the conclusion of his rapid descent just north of one FarmingTown Northwest of Detroit, he began reconstructing his ship, the IS Hephaestus, and it is now accepting applications for both Guild membership as well as crew membership. Only a day after the destruction of the IS Hephaestus Mk I, Lady Keira DeFelyne offered her skills as an Aether Weaver to himself and the guild in exchange for passage from port to port.

Current MembershipEdit

Pending ApplicantsEdit

We are currently accepting applications for crew and guild members.

Vespertine Nova Lark

Current AlliesEdit

We currently have exclusive contracts with the following Airships:

Pending ApplicantsEdit

We are currently accepting applications for more allegiances.