Svetlana Ivanovna Tarasova
Not an airship mechanic
Title: Ms. Svetlana Ivanovna
Full name: Svetlana Ivanovna Tarasova
Also known as Rusalka
also known as Dammit, Lana!
also known as The Littlest Spy
Age: 20
Birth Date: 25 July 1853
Place of Birth: Moscow, Russia
Nationality: Russian
Allegiance: Corvi Helvetia
Occupation: Engineer

Physical Description Edit

Lana is a slender, boyish 5'5", with brown hair and eyes, and a fairly pale complexion. Although she is small, she is mighty, with strong shoulders from building and wielding tools. She tends to wear men's clothes, since skirts get in the way when you're working on engines and other undelicate devices.

Hobbies and Personality Edit

Her job is her hobby: she loves to tinker and to build, and Corvi Helvetia's projects are worked on in a rotation with her own projects, although she will reluctantly give time-sensitive work a higher priority. She is also, under the patient and long-suffering guidance of Seb Webb and Etienne, learning to read and speak English and French.

She tends toward the manically cheerful, sometimes swinging down into apathy and irritability - but a good challenge will usually sort her right out, and, failing that, she's also the resident homebrewer, although apparently she can never get the right potatoes for perfect vodka.

Family and Relationships Edit

Family: She was the child of artisans in Moscow, a daughter among sons. She left her family behind when she apprenticed to the man who drew the Corvi's attention; evil men are not known for allowing their inferiors free communication with sympathetic outsiders.

Romantic Relationship: None. When flirted with, she'll often flirt back until it becomes clear that the flirtation is sincere, when she will promptly forget how to speak properly. She does not appear to be particularly motivated by sex or romance, but this might be for lack of opportunity.

Friends: The Corvi are her friends and family both, now; she's closest to Sebastian, her fellow engineer, because he was the first one she met who spoke her native language, "mechanic".

Job and Weapons Edit

Job: Mechanic, engineer, inventor of non-terrifying mechanical things

Weapon Preferences: Hands, feet, and teeth. (She has brothers; what do you expect?) She prefers close fighting, and to that end has devised a series of tiny vicious knives that can be secreted in various parts of her clothing and ornamentation. Also, she will kill you with her wrench.

Backstory Edit

She was born in Moscow with several older brothers and, eventually, one younger. She always liked tinkering, so when it got time to either marry her off or do something else with her, her parents were practically joyed to send her off to apprentice to a mechanical artisan. Unfortunately, he worked for a man who was very, very meddlesomely involved in international politics, so the Corvi Helvetia got involved. For some reason unbeknownst to anyone but him, Etienne decided to bring Lana home to Seb so he could have an apprentice, figuring that Lana is probably innocent and probably won't ask too many awkward questions. So she joins.

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