I made this website for the sake of all steampunks and with a lot of people editing this website I figure that some rules need to be in place.


  • Please do NOT remove content from here. This is all the creative property of the person posting the article.
  • If pictures are posted, please put where you found/add the creative rights usage.
  • Please do not make dummy articles. If you want to add an article it better be about a character of your own, a crew you belong to or a one of the two you are in the process of creating.
  • Please only create 1 article per character and 1 article per crew. I do NOT want article clutter. I may add more categories later for people to add articles about but as of right now it is ONLY crews and characters.
  • I added templates for everyone's use. You do NOT have to use them, they are however for your benefit. Please do not actually edit the real template on the template page. Copy and paste it onto your own page before you edit it.
  • Do NOT edit someone else's page please. We want to have nice things so don't be the reason why we can't. This is a group effort, made for everyone's use. If you're correcting a spelling or grammar error that may be permitted but please do not add or remove ANY content for ANY reason.

Thank you everyone for adding to this project! I hope that we can keep this nice and keep it going for years to come!

-Chloe Brennan

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