Sorin Dragomir
Full name: Sorin Dragomir
Also known as Basilisk
Age: 25
Birth Date: January 19, 1848
Place of Birth: Romania, city unknown
Nationality: Romani/Romanian
Allegiance: The Corvi Helvetia
Rank: Assassin
Occupation: Spy

Physical Description Edit

Sorin is both exceptionally tall and thin. His complextion is light and his shoulder length hair a dark brown, usually kept loose. Sorin can also be noted for his striking green eyes. He generally prefers to keep clean shaven, though occasionally lets a bit of scruff grow. Sorin enjoys wearing dark, rich colors and has a penchent for jewlery. He has a silver earring embeded with a piece of jade in his left ear and generally is not seen without wearing no less then three rings on his fingers.

Hobbies and Personality Edit

Sorin appears to have a dour, serious, and cold personality to strangers, but amongst the comfort of his friends in the Ministry he has been known to crack an unexpected joke in his dark sense of humor. While he truly values the companionship and care of his friends, emotional attachment to people was not a luxery he could afford most of his life and often feels awkward around the more light hearted and fun loving members of the group. More apt to hiding away in the upper regions of the Ministry's castle to play his violin or work feverishly on some artistic endeavor, the other spies often drag him (sometimes literally) out of his chambers to attend group festivities which he will only admit to having fun at after inebriation, and then deny ever having admitted anything of the sort upon return to sobriety. Sorin can be a rather superstitious man and still believes their is truth in folklore. In particular, he hopes to find real evidence of lycanthropy or vampirism and hunt down one of these fables creatures.

Family and Relationships Edit

Family: Sorin's mother was of Romani/Polish parentage and his father of pure Romanian. Of his mixed blood, Sorin is closest to his Romani ancestry

Romantic Relationship: n/a

Friends: n/a

Job and Weapons Edit

Job: n/a

Gun preference: n/a

Other Weapon Preference: n/a

Backstory Edit

Unavailable as of yet.

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