Kasier Emblem
Riesiges Reich des Kaiser


Wir alle dienen für die glorreiche Zukunft.

(We all serve for the glorious future.)


Monarchistic Dictatorship




The Kaiser (Kaiser VII)


Militärisch des Kaiser (MdK)

The Riesiges Reich des Kaiser (translated: Giant Empire of the Kaiser), or abbreviated RRdK, is a totalitarian state that governs all territory under the Kaiser's control. Headed by The Kaiser, the nation encompasses territory in both the real world and the expanding colonies established in the alternate universe found through the portal. The government has a very prestigious and established military, and controls much of the trade routes and traffic in the lands surrounding its territory.


The RRdK is ruled by the Kaiser, whom assumes responsibility for overseeing all operations of the government and military. The current Kaiser is only identified as VII, or the seventh Kaiser to serve as head to the state (it is customary for the true identity of the Kaiser never to be revealed, and it is viewed that the first son born to the royal family automatically assumes the title of the Kaiser upon his father's death.). The individual sections of the government is maintained by the Bundesrat; the state's legislature.

The Bundesrat is divided into five different branches- Wirtschaft, which overlooks economy and trade, Gemeinschaft, which supports the public infrastructure and affairs, Militärisch, which serves as the command of military operations, Regierung, which handles political and government concerns including foreign relations, and Universität, which organizes research, intelligence, and the operation of universities and laboratories. The Bundesrat acts as a hub, with each advisor representing a branch of the government and the Kaiser acting as the overseer. All command must go through the Kaiser in order for it to be put into practice. The amount of free reign each branch is given is specially designed to be dependent on the operation of the other branches; therefore making it more difficult for disorganization and collapse.


The efforts of expansion and defense to the nation is supported by a highly-developed military. Militärisch des Kaiser (MdK) encompasses all the armed forces and arms manufacturing and research for the RRdK. The MdK is further broken down into four branches, and each branch serves a different field of warfare:

  • Kaiser Combat Systems (KCS)- Ground-based warfare; includes infantry and mechanized units.
  • Kaiser Air Systems (KAS)- Air Force
  • Kaiser Nautical Systems (KNS)- Sea and Under-Sea units.
  • Kaiser Weapons Systems (KWS)- Weapons and Technology design and manufacturing.

Each branch is responsible for

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