Realm of Sand Edit

It is nothing more than a wasteland below the Realm of Sky. The water just one day dispersed into five great bodies of water that break up this vast desert. Colonies spread out here, and battles would be fought for territory, along with new resources, such as kryst (A green crystal that grow in formations throughout the desert, and some even bunch up into dense forests under dark storm clouds.

There are constant battles fought here between the nations of Sky. Small cities and colonies have been constructed, and cowboys and desperadoes and bounty hunters roam the wastes. They fight with vehicles stripped down to the bare essentials.

The biggest colony is Daggerton, which is hardly a city. It is made up of thousands of ramshackle buildings and surrounded by steel walls. People believe that this was once a city before the disaster destroyed everything and created sky.

Near this realm, behind a vast mountain range, lies the Realm of Earth.