Realm of Earth Edit

A year after the Realm of Sand appeared beneath the floating cities of man within the Realm of Sky, came the Realm of Earth. In one large area of the Realm of Sands, forests, lakes, and mountains exploded from the sands. Peoples from the deserts came to claim land for their own. Castles and cities and villages were constructed within the first twenty years of colonization. Even today wars are fought in the sky and on the ground for this new beautiful land.

Most people living here use dark age technology, using steel and old chainmail armor. Guns are a very rare sight.

Lands Edit

There are many lands, kingdoms, and republics scattered across the continent, to name the important several:

Kingdom of Sarn Edit

Republic of Klyn Edit

Dwarf halls of Kazakun Edit

Kingdom of Thum Edit

Mano Empire Edit

--- There are many more, but we shall get to those another day.

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