Pictured here with weaponry

Kasparov Gregorovich
Hail Vulgaria!
Full name: Kasparov Gregorovich
Place of Birth: Sárlyuk, Vulgaria
Nationality: Vulgarian
Allegiance: Self
The Imperial Nations (if paid)
Ship: SMS Halcyon (Provisional)
Rank: Gunner's Mate (Petty Officer, Provisional)
Occupation: Soldier of Fortune
Gunner's Mate

Kasparov Gregorovich is a Vulgarian Zeppelin Pilot, gunner, and soldier of fortune. Until recently he was captain of a Zeppelin, but it was tragically shot down over the skies of the Middle Urals, with few survivors. Among these was Kasparov himself, who tore a gun from one of the armament batteries and struck out on his own, intent on surviving the night. Later, he joined forces with the group known as the Vagabonds, a crew classified under the IAPT as a pirate group. After a rather violent disagreement on ethics and crew direction (which left some of the Vagabonds in another world), he made contact with the Imperial Anti-Piracy Squadron and thusly began the process of defecting to the side of law and order. Shortly thereafter, Kasparov threw the Vagabonds' captain overboard and left. The remainder of the Vagabonds disbanded following this incident, and while they remain at large, the IAPS is working with Gregorovich to locate them and bring them to justice. At present, Kasparov occasionally serves aboard the SMS Halcyon, where he acts as gunner's mate. He is known to get along well with Von Ziger, a relationship best described as a friendly rivalry; he also enjoys the company of Jonathan Quinn, with whom he shares a great love of big guns.

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