Furnace Edit

Furnace is a land high above the clouds of the Realm of Sky. It was discovered by the Embrush Empire in 1180 AC. A safe airship was constructed just for the mission to land on Furnace and explore. It is a city, a city built upon many many gears, far up in the void of outer space. Since then, it has been conquered by the Embrush Empire, and the Emperor, his holy subjects, along with many Imperial soldiers and other citizens, call it home. The Knights Clockwork have built many cathedrals here, and they see it as their holy land. Currently, all nations are fighting for it.

The secrets of Furnace Edit

Billions of eons ago, in another galaxy, it was a chunk of the Great One. The Great One was a living machine. Untold billions of ancient alien life forms lived upon it's skin, made out of cogs and cities. At the same time the Realm of Sky was created, the Great One exploded, sending its chunks to distant parts of the galaxy.

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