Template:Db-g7 High above the lands of the warring nations in the Realms of Earth and Sand lie the Realm of Sky, where airships roam between floating rocks and islands.

The greatest of the sky nations is the Embrush Empire, led by an Emperor. The Emperor is said to have been around before the apocalypse. Before the world was blasted into floating rocks, dust, and echoes. He was a man like any other man. But more.

There really are no documents in existence that say of his life before all Hell was unleashed, it is only known he was a warrior to the end. The end you say? He is dead? No. He is alive, very much alive. He is a corpse-god, sitting upon a throne of brass that belches steam to keep his miserable skin and bone body alive. Tubes enter his body all over. His eyes, replaced with bionic eyes that look almost comical.

His voice box transferred to another machine, a small floating skull of his last court-page, droning around the throne room, this is how they say he speaks to the living alas it as stated before, it really is unknown.

He never leaves the great golden palace of the floating Holy Imperial City. He is protected by two immense steel blastdoors known as the Heavenly Gate. Pilgrims from all over the world flock to this place.

He is protected by the Knights Clockwork. Great warriors dressed in steel, sporting halbard-rifles. None can get past their might. There are one hundred Grand Warriors on the palace grounds at all times.

He is the Holy Clockwork Emperor. And all shall worship him.

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