Damián Armas
Title: Spymaster
Full name: Damián Armas
Also known as Nuberu
also known as The Grand Herder of Cats
Age: 80
Birth Date: January 29, 1793
Place of Birth: Tornín, Spain
Nationality: Spanish
Allegiance: Corvi Helvetia, or The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare
Rank: Spymaster
Occupation: Spy (analyst)

Physical Description Edit

Elderly, of average height with grey hair and dark, observant eyes.

Hobbies and Personality Edit

Armas is very serious, and somewhat consistantly preoccupied with the work of being spymaster. He takes his role very seriously, and while he does his best not to send any of his people into unecessarily dangerous situations, but does not shy away from the fact that, in their profession, risk is unavoidable. His manner often reads as aloof, and though he is really very tolerant of the antics of the younger spies, he can become exasperated when they become too wild.

His two primary hobbies (as near as anyone can tell) are reading, and having drinks with Anming away from the noise and chaos of the youngsters. Armas will often spend time with Etienne as well.

Family and Relationships Edit

It is unclear what happened to Damián's family - they may have been killed in the course of the Napoleonic wars, but he has never spoken of his home to anyone currently in the Ministry except perhaps Etienne, who is the closest thing he has to a son.

He is friends with Anming; they spend a great deal of their spare time having drinks, remeniscing, and wondering at how much the world has changed since their youth. Anming often takes it upon herself to gruffly remind him not to worry quite so much about leaving the world in the hands of the youngest generation.

Armas is mentor to Josephine Ackerly, who will eventually take over his position as spymaster, but otherwise does not interact actively with the younger spies overly much, and they view him as something of a mythic figure - especially Sigrid, whose granfather Dominik Eschmann was Damián's predecessor as spymaster.

Job and Weapons Edit

Job: Spymaster, analyst

Gun preference: none

Other Weapon Preference: none - as he has retired from fieldwork, he no longer seems to carry weapons.

Backstory Edit

In 1810, Armas joined the Spanish guerillas fighting against Napoleon in the Penninsular War. It was through this that he met Dominik Eschmann, then a regular member of the Corvi Helvetia, who were assisting the fight against the Emperor, though their own country had already been conquered. He joined the Corvi in 1813 in an unofficial capacity, when most of his band was captured and executed. After the Ministry was made international at the Congress of Vienna, Damián was made an official member, and eventually took over the position of Spymaster from Eschmann.

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