Born as Cormac Ravenloft, this would be naval captain lived a full childhood, and spent many hours daydreaming about the adventures of an Airship captain. At the age of fifteen, he enlisted in to the Imperial Sky Navy, getting posted on the INS Copper Sky. It was here, under the command of Captain Christopher Newman that he began to climb through the ranks, eventually earning the name Bladesong for his unusual swordplay which appeared to give the sword the ability to "sing."

Captain Bladesong Edit

Cormac advanced to the rank of Captain by the age of twenty-seven, and was given his own ship christened the INS Sky Dragon. In this position, he finds himself traveling the Altarian Empire hunting down pirates. The most notable pirate which Cormac had to displeasure of facing was Captain Ironbone, a skeletal automaton commanding the Aether's Blight. Over the next three years Cormac and Ironbone would clash repeatedly, Ironbone always managing to get away until Ironbone made an assassination attempt on the Royal Family. While the Sky Dragon and the Aether's Blight fought over the Cogstein Castle in Keystone City, Cormac and Ironbone fought it out in the throne room. Cutlass against bladed arm pistol against tesla-based disruptor. Every step of the fight, it seemed like Ironbone had the upper hand and was growing increasingly cocky. Just before Ironbone moved for the kill, his foot on Cormac's pistol arm, the automaton let out the most haunting laugh, exposing what could only be called the automatonic core, a sort of neural node, the housing for the clockwork creature's sentience. At the cost of his arm, Cormac thrust his cutlass into this structure, killing the automaton pirate.