Cateryn Christle (real name: Cateryn Murnane) is a member of The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare specializing in intel ops, distraction, and ham theft.

Physical Description Edit

Cateryn is small and lithe, with extremely curly dark brown hair and eyes a tad too large for her face. She generally can be found wearing bloomers, suspenders, and a men's waistcoat, or whatever else will scandalize Sorin Dragomir.

Hobbies and Personality Edit

Cateryn's performance persona is bright, bubbly, and flirtatious. Outside the ring, her attitude darkens significantly. She is frequently somewhat quiet and reserved, as though she saves all her charms for the rings. She is always an incurable snark and remarkably stubborn, bordering on recalcitrance. She periodically goes through what she calls "low moods," during which she gets rather prickly and is prone to angry outbursts, though these are relatively easy to deflate. She also has a strong suspicious streak, cultivated by six years spent in hiding.

She sings, though rarely outside the castle as she hasn't mastered the knack of masking her brogue during songs. She also has been caught more than a few times reading penny dreadfuls, but insists that they are merely for reading practice.

Family and Relationships Edit

Cateryn considers the Ministry her family and has had very little contact with her blood relations since the Fenian Rising in 1863.

Job and Weapons Edit

Cateryn doesn't so much have a "job" as she has "things she can do." When pressed, she identifies as an acrobat, but by then she's likely already lifted your wallet.

Backstory Edit

Long. Complicated. Involves far too much gin and tonic for one article.

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