Captain Gerhardt von Osterhagen
Full name: Gerhardt Franz-Jozef Von Osterhagen
Also known as The captain
Age: 21 years
Birth Date: July the 10th, 1849
Place of Birth: Fredericksbrucke, Prussia
Nationality: Prussian
Allegiance: England
Ship: Submarine HMS Ziphius
Rank: Captain

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Basics Edit

Chinese Zodiac: Snake Element: Water Blood Type: AB-
Favourite Colour: Marine blue Personality Song: Preussens Gloria

Physical Appearance Edit

Hair Colour: Blonde Hair Length: half long, curls Eye Colour: Blue Height: 1 meter 89
Scars: n/a Tattoos: an little octopus on his left lower arm

Family and Relationships Edit

Family: Mother dead at young age, Father died in the franco-prussian war

Romantic Relationship: Arrianne van Utrecht

Job and Weapons Edit

Gun preference: Bolt action rifles

Other Weapon Preference: swords

Backstory Edit

Gerhardt is an prussian submarine officer who hired his and his submarine crew to the crown of England to find new land and attack/destroy submarines of other nations.

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