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The Vagabonds

Title: Test subject
Full name: Adie
Also known as Number 80
Age: Early 20's?
Birth Date: August 14
Ship: The Tempest

Adie is the perfect example of one who is completely out of touch with reality and is content with it. At a young age, she was taken from her orphanage and sent to an asylum due to her vivid imagination and lack of social skills. She spent over a decade as a test subject, developing ADHD, delusions, hillucinations, and permanant neon pink hair. After befriending a dead mink she had found and believing it to be alive, the scientists kicked her out and left her for dead, realizing their tests had gone too far and she could no longer be worked on. They threw away her files and pretended she never existed. She is just an experiment gone wrong with no knowlege of her life before the asylum.

After spying a wanted poster of Locke Valor in a nearby town, Adie was instantly in love and stalked the merc and his crew until he agreed she could come aboard.

Adie often wanders into forests and deserted places, looking for gremlins and faeries, or anything to keep her entertained for a while. She is mostly the little sister or "pet" of the Vagabonds crew, with no real purpose except for the little odd jobs such as helping Eva cook or offering to be experimented on by Locke.

While in the asylum, she barely talked to any of the other inmates, instead she had spent the rest of her time talking to the dead lab animals she found in the hallways. She continues to talk to any inanimate object, believing it is alive, and to this day still carries around that dead mink, which she's named Nero.


  • Delusions include: Thinking she's going to marry Locke Valor, having the knowledge of how to fix complicated mechanics, and having the ability to talk to animals.
  • Although against violence, she's known to kill animals and hang them from her toolbelt. She says she's collecting new friends, as she's not able to understand the concept of death.
  • She's also known to tote a giant wrench (which she uses to hit people who annoy her) and a 4-barrel shotgun (because she likes the noise it makes.)

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